Student Registration

2018-2019 Online Registration is now open for returning students

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In order for your registra­tion fees to be waived you must meet the income eligibility guidelines set by the National School Lunch Program. To qualify for free/reduced lunches, you must complete the lunch waiver form or be direct certified through the State of IL.

Free & Reduced Meal Application—>

Registration Fees:

  • Early Childhood: No fee
  • K-4th: $150.00
  • Grades 5-8: $165.00
  • Full Price Breakfast: $1.45
  • Full Price Lunch: $2.90
  • Individual Sport: $60.00
  • Family Sports Cap: $300.00
  • Band/Choir/Clubs: $30.00
  • Tech Ins. Fee K-8: $25.00