About Gavin


Illinois became a state in 1818. In a 1829 treaty, the Potawatomi Indians gave up all their land east of the Mississippi to the United States. However, under this treaty, the Potawatomies were allowed seven years more, until August 1836, before they had to move to the new lands assigned to them west of the Mississippi. In September 1833, a final treaty was signed with the Potawatomies forbidding the white man to settle on the land until 1836. However, the white settlers came and settled on this land before the designated time, and the Indians did not object. In fact, no white settler was ever harmed by an Indian in this region.

Our school was established in 1844, because the local area residents believed in educating their children. The first Gavin School was a one-room log cabin. Gavin School was named after Mike Gavin, the farmer who gave the land to have a school built. The enrollment in 1844 was 10 students from 1st thru 8th grades. Teachers were paid largely by farm produce.

Fast forward over 170 years later and what follows is current day Gavin School District 37!

General District & Area Information

Gavin School District 37 has two school buildings both located in the unincorporated area called Ingleside, Illinois 60041. Ingleside is bordered by the towns and areas known as Fox Lake, Lake Villa, Round Lake, and Long Lake. Students attending the Gavin schools come from Ingleside, Long Lake, Lake Villa, and Fox Lake. The school district is located approximately 40 miles mainly north and slightly west of Chicago, IL. The Wisconsin border is approximately 10 miles from the school district. The geographic area of the school district is approximately 6.2 square miles. The waters from the lakes of Fox Lake, Long Lake, and Duck Lake make up some of that area.

Financial Data

EAV $148,616,443
Bonds Outstanding $3,685,000
Total Budget Revenue $11,624,400
Education 2.75
Operations & Maintenance .54
Transportation .11
Working Cash .002
IMRF .08
Bond & Interest 1.58
SEDOL .007
Social Security .09
Special Education .02
TOTAL 5.18

Board of Education

The Gavin School District 37 Board of Education is comprised of citizens dedicated to providing the best education possible for every student it serves. Board members establish sound written policies and expect the superintendent to function as the chief executive officer in implementing those policies.

Name Years
Joe Loffredo, President 8
Eric Bechelli, Vice President 3
Sherry Florian, Secretary 5
Lenny Gahgan 1
Jennifer Meyers 1
Erika Cappert 5
Jim Miller 5