School Board

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Although the school board election next April may seem a long way off, now is the time that candidates are considering their future plans. The Illinois State Board of Elections has established two critical deadlines:

  • The first day that candidates can lawfully circulate nominating petitions for signatures is September 20, 2016.
  • The period for filing nominating papers runs from December 12 through December 19, 2016. New – Nomination papers must be filed in the Lake County Clerk’s Office.

If you would like to be involved in making decisions affecting the future of the children in the Gavin School District then pick up a nominating packet in the District Office during regular business hours or at the Lake County Clerk’s Office.
To be eligible to serve, a school board member must be, on the date of the election, a citizen of the United States, at least 18 years of age, a registered voter, and a resident of the State of Illinois and the Gavin School District for at least one year immediately preceding the election. The school board election is non-partisan, and board candidates do not run under political party affiliation.

If you have questions about nominating procedures or the election, please contact Cheri Coby in the District Office at 847-546-2916 or or contact the Lake County Clerk’s Office at 847-984-5823 or You may also contact the Illinois State Board of Elections for election information at

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